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6 Irresistible Smoothies for Breakfast and for Cleansing of Your Body


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Nutrition that is great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants is very important especially for this period of the year. It is a period when we need to strengthen our immune system to release toxins and free radicals from our body and to keep our health.
You need consume a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and stay in the best shape.
You should reduce excess fats, from your body, to melt belly fats, to protect yourself from constipation, etc.

6 Amazing Smoothies for Boosting Energy and for Reducing Weight


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The process of reducing weight means reducing fats and keeping muscles. This process is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Combination of food is the most important thing during this process.

You should combine nutrients that are rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and antioxidants.
Your meal must contains enough proteins if you want to keep your muscles and to burn fats from your body. Also you should consume nutrients that are great source of unsaturated fatty acids. It means you should consume enough nuts and seeds.

If you keep your muscles you will have more energy for your daily activities and you will keep your health.

Top 6 Smoothies That Will Melt Your Belly Fats


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Belly fats are huge risk for our health. Fats that are present around our organs have a role to protect our organs, but when they are present too much in our stomach they are huge risk for them. They make pressure, so normal function of the organs is difficult.
It is the reason for developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases, constipation, cancer, etc.
Reducing of belly fats will help you to prevent many chronic diseases and to have normal blood pressure.
It is very important to consume food that will help you to keep your muscles, it means that you should consume enough proteins. The best healthy protein sources are nuts and seeds.
Also you should consume food that is rich source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It will help you for cleansing of your body and for detoxification of your body.

6 Mouth Watering Juices for Detoxification


beetroot juice

The most important thing in our live is protection of our health. Our body is the only place where we spend our life, so protection of our health is very important for us.
Detoxification of the body will help you to get rid of toxins, prevent many chronic diseases, it will help you to manage your weight, or to reduce weight, etc.
You should consume a lot of food that is rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber during the process of detoxification. It will help you to be energyzed and to slow down the process of aging.

6 Juices for Cleansing of Your Body and for Boosting Energy

beetroot juice




Cleansing of your body will help you to improve the condition of your body. It will help you to release toxins and free radicals from your body. These particles are the main reason for developing many diseases.

After cleansing of your body you will be energized, healthier, you will have better concentration, you will reduce excess fats, etc. Cleansing of your body means consumption of plant based food and drinking a lot of water.