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Summer pinjur

Balkan is a place with great regions for production of healthy food. As a most popular vegetables we can say: tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, garlic, parsley, onion, etc.
These vegetables are used in preparation in many traditional meals. Pinlur is just one of them. It is a meal that is characteristic especially in Macedonia. Also it is a dish that is prepared in Serbia, Bulgaria, etc. It is a food that is served as a supplement with another food, or you can eat pinjur with bread and cheese.
It is a tasty meal which can help you to avoid food with too much calories in the hot summer.

Summer pinjur macedonia


It is a traditional food in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and other countries from the Balkan. Every country has some characteristic about preparation of this meal called meze (appetizer). It can be served between two meals as appetizer, before main meal or as a part of the main meal. Tarator can be a great refreshing device for the hot summer. It can be served chilled or at room temperature. The most important is that it is very healthy and tasty.

tarator macedonian food

Shopska Salad

It is salad that is very popular in Macedonia and other countries of the Balkan with huge influence of the Mediterranean food. Shopska salad is unique combination of flavors that is the main reason why it is so popular. You can consume Shopska salad between two meals, or as a supplement of the main meal.

shopska salad