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Get Ready For Discovery Of The Reasons For Showing Scalp Acne And Treatment For Scalp Acne


The main reason for getting scalp acne is blocking of the skin pores and inflammation of the sebaceous glands. The most frequent blocking of the hair follicles can be: on the face, scalp, neck, shoulder and the back. For easier dialing with acne you should practice: proper cleansing, diagnosis, nutrition, treatment and care.

Scalp acne are result of overproduction of oil, which is provoked by hormone fluctuations. There are many reasons that can be factors for getting acne such as: dandruff or washing hair too often, poor hygiene conditions, heredity, exposure to high stress levels, inadequate diet, steroids, too much exposure to heat and sunlight, drug, too much caffeine consumption, certain spices, etc.

green salad against acne

How With Healthy Food Against Cellulite

Ladies enemy number one which is the reason for enormous spent money is cellulite. In the fight with this enemy ladies spend a lot of money for expensive treatments, teas, creams, etc. It is a factor which influences ladies’ self-confidence, so everybody should know about better solutions in dealing with this problem.

Everybody should know that cellulite is result of food rich with sugar and fats. If you know this, you should know also food which can help you to: improve your circulation, cleanse the body, reduce body fat, release the excess fluid, etc.

food against cellulite

Who Else Want To Know About Anti-acne Food

Many people have problem with acne no mater of age. We can see teenagers with acne and also we can see many adults with acne. Many factors can help you in your fight against acne such as: the increase of the consumption of fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water, relaxation, cleaning your gut, proper cleansing, detoxification, etc.

Eating healthy food

The best acne fighter is food full with vitamins and minerals. It is natural food, which consist of fruits and vegetables. It is a food full with vitamin A, such as: leafy vegetables, orange or yellow-colored food, etc.

anti-acne food

Discover Health Benefits Of Eating Nuts And Seeds

There are so many kinds of nuts, such as: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, sunflowers seeds, peanuts, etc. They have too much good nutritional values, and their role in our nutrition is really huge.

They are powerful antioxidants and contain a huge amount of: vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, and they are all what we need. All of these nutrients together contribute to your better health, like: to improve your heart work, brain, and your waistline.

nuts and seeds as a healthy food

Powerful Honey, Cinnamon And Walnuts As A Part Of Healthy Foods Plans


Honey and cinnamon is the combination which has been used for centuries. The two ingredients with healing abilities, have been used as a cure for centuries in old traditional Chinese culture. Cinnamon and honey have two characteristics: anti-microbial (which helps in stopping the growth of bacteria), and anti-fungi (which helps in stopping the growth of fungi).

honey and cinnemon 1
Honey and cinnamon are used as a: medicine beverage, as alternative to traditional food. Cinnamon and honey consumption can bring you many benefits of your health. Both are natural cure for many diseases.

They healing protect from heart diseases if we eat them every day for breakfast. Mix of hot olive oil, honey and cinnamon,  protects from hair loss. Drinking honey in a lukewarm water can help you in healing of bladder infections. Drinking mixture of honey, cinnamon and green tea will help you to control blood cholesterol.

Arthritis- If you massage the affected part of your body with applying a paste made out of honey and cinnamon, your pain will be relieved. They are also good in healing cold. They boost your immune system, and can help you to clear your sinuses.

If you take blend of honey and cinnamon before food it can relieve acidity, and it will help you to improve your indigestion. Also it can help you to lose your weight if you take it in the morning about half an hour before breakfast.