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Why Vegetables As A Part Of Healthy Food Plans

Vegetables are an essential part of healthy nutrition. They contain many essential ingredients like: vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. There are so many different vegetables which are good for our immune system, good for our energy and protect us from many illnesses. I want to present some of them.


It is white vegetable which is good for  our metabolism. It extends blood vessels, which means better blood supply. It contains potassium and that make it good for the heart. It is consumed in soup, in the main meal, etc. People with intestine problems and gall problems should be very careful  with consummation.

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Why Fruits As A Part Of Healthy Foods

Fruits take a essential part of our nutrition. They have vitamins, minerals, fiber, fructose which are essential for all of us. They are powerful antioxidants. I want to present some of them.

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Japanese apple

Japanese apples are large or round. They contain between 9-11% sugar by weight. They are really sweet and tasty fruit and that makes them really popular round the world.

They are full with vitamins C and B and fiber, which makes them very healthy as well as strong antioxidant. Vitamin C help for better immunity and circulation, vitamin B help for better nervous system function.

Japanese apple is real energetic bomb. They have high concentration of sugar, so they are forbidden for people with diabetes. They  contain fiber which help for better digestion.

Some people like them firm, other people like them mellow, however they are really tasty.

And Now Healthy Foods And Vitamins For Your Better Health

Vitamins are  an essential part of our nutrition, which are necessary for our body if they are taken  in small quantity. They help in keep our health and normal growth. Some of them are synthesizing in our body, but most of them we should take through nutrition. If we don’t consume enough vitamins trough nutrition our immunity will be weak.

Vitamins can be divided in two groups: vitamins soluble in grease and vitamins soluble in water.

Vitamins soluble in grease:

Vitamins soluble in grease are: A, D, E, and K. Their transport in our body is enable trough the grease, and they are not present in urine, but they can be present in feces.

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Miracle Benefits Of Healthy Food

One of the most important thing in our life is eating healthy food. There are so many people who still don’t  eat  healthy food, but why?

There are so many benefits of eating healthy food: better health, better condition, longer life, etc. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high pressure, and high cholesterol are fast food results, so healthy food becomes crucial part in dealing with these problems.

There are so many fast food restaurants, and many people still visit them. Now we can see obese  children at  small age and that is more shocking than that in adults. But the root of this problem is in the family. Children learn from their parents, and they are repeat their habits. If their parents eat fast food, they will eat too.

All of us know that eating healthy food extend our life.

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