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About Fats As A Part Of The Healthy Food


Fats are essential part of healthy food. They are present in our body and they are helping many metabolic processes, so we can undoubtedly say that fats play a very important role as far as our nutrition is concerned.

They can be found in our skin, muscles, around our organs (they protect them of injuries), and they are also included in the structure of each of our body cells.

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Proteins As An Essential Part Of Healthy Food

Human body is very complicated machine.  There is a huge number of processes which take place in it, all of which are very interconnected. One process stimulates the other. Proteins play a huge part in each of those processes.

Human body is made of cells and proteins, which are also included in the cells’ structure. They are present in the blood cells, skin, muscles, eyes, etc. All of this tells us that proteins are very important nutrients. proteins

About Healthy Food And Immunity

How are we going to get through a period of influenza and cold viruses depend heavily on our nutrition. Our responsibility is to take care of our immunity system through the way of nutrition.

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Many nutrients contribute to better health, some of which are certainly fruits and vegetables. They contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and fructose. All of these elements help us better our immunity system. For example oranges and apples have high level of vitamin C which prevents cold and reduces the influenza symptoms. This way, the influenza period is shortened.

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Unlimited Healthy Food Influence


Healthy food has an enormous influence on our life. Our health heavily depends on the food that we consume every day. Eating healthy food means less infections, better metabolism, high level of energy,  longer life, less heart disease, more self-confidence.

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Drink Water As A Healthy Food Supplement


It happened so many times for me to think of how much water we should drink in a day. You can hear some people saying that two liters a day is enough, but are we all the same? Is our body weight the same? Of course it’s not.

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